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Training partner vs. Coach


I hope everyone is getting healthy as we approach the holidays and that the Eagle smash the Cowboys today.

I've always thought about what is more important to have a good training group or good coaching.  Obviously, it's ideal to have both.

A good training group/partner gives you someone to bounce ideas off of.  It also gives you someone to count on.  A partner can pick you up when you down and maybe, keep you from overdoing it when you are feeling good.  Sometimes, when you're in a good group, everyone gets a little carried away which can lead to some problems.  A partner will sometimes not look long term and just focus on the immediate runs.  All in all, it's a great thing to have a good training partner/group.  I've been lucky enough to have had pretty good training groups since I got to college.  It's fun doing things with like minded people.

A good coach will look at the big picture and keep you grounded.  They know when to push and when to back down.  For the coach/athlete relationship to be successful, the coach has to be able to be trust the athlete and vice versa.  

I think a good group of intelligent runners is a better situation(if they keep their egos in check) is better than having a good coach.  We have some really good groups going right now.  Let's keep it up.

Here is the training for the week:
Tuesday-1 mile at 10k pace, 400jr and then 8  x 200 w/200 JR.  1st 2 at 5k pace, next 2 at 3200 pace, next 2 at mile pace and last 2 fast.  

Remember, XMAS Eve 2 Mile at Henderson starting at 6:15AM.  

See you on Tuesday,


Brian''s Run Wrapup


Great job today at Brian's Run!  Thanks to all who came out.  Thanks to Lisa for setting up the end of season event at the Social!  

As many of you today was the 40th Annual Brian's Run.  It was great to see 50+ Henderson students out there to support the cause and volunteer their time on drizzly Sunday.  As much as I thought 4 days ago that this might be the last Brian's Run, I think it will live to fight again.  It's a great challenging run.  

As we really wind down our competitive season, it's important that you take a little down time, especially if you have big plans for the fall.  If you're a little banged up, get in to see Jeff and Adam at the Move Clinic.
If you're healthy, but ran a big race this fall, here is what your plan should be:
*Tuesday workout, 1 60:00 run and the rest of the week should be short and relaxed.  Get back doing some core and working on rolling and flexibility.
If you didn't run a big race in the fall, maybe do a little more than that.

We had a great Fall.  Let's get really healthy in the next couple of weeks and be ready to go in January.  We have big things planned for 2019.

Here is the Tuesday workout:
800, 600, 400, 600, 800 w/400JR.  With that rest and that distance of running, you should run pretty quick.

See you on Tuesday.


Brian's Run


This Sunday is the 40th Annual Brian's Run.  It's always been a favorite of mine.  It was the first great race in West Chester and has continued to be an important part of the running calendar.  The beauty of it is it's toughness. Anyone can go down and run the Rothman 8k or Broad Street, but Brian's Run takes some real fortitude.  The toughness scares people off.  Everyone reading this blog should be, "Bring It!!".  

Anyway,  sign up at  This year's race benefits Henderson sophomore Cecily Quackenbush.  Brian will be there.  Let's get a great turnout from this group.

As we kind of wrap up the real training and start to gear up for the Spring, we're going to just workout on Tuesdays until the Holidays.  We'll still be running 5-6 days per week, but the only workout day will be Tuesday.

Here is this week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-8-12 x 400 w/200JR at 5k pace.  
Saturday-35:00 w/striders
Sunday-Brian's Run at 1:00 at Henderson.  Remember, Post-race/end of season party at the Social at 4.  See Lisa's e-mail for more details.

See you on Tuesday.


Post-Marathon Racing


Great job by the Philly Marathoners and 1/2 marathoners.  There were some impressive performances.

As you come out of the marathon or 1/2 marathon(or just some great fall training), it really is time to race.  JT from the TMC ran 2:43 at New York and then came back and ran 77:00 at the Philly 1/2 2 weeks later.  If you're fit, you're fit.  Let's not waste a training cycle on one race.  I never went more than 2 weeks after a marathon without racing.  In 1996, I ran the Wineglass Marathon on a Sunday, ran sub 15 for 5k the following and broke 24:00 for an xc 8k 2 weeks after that. 

The keys are to not over workout or do too many long runs.  You'll feel a little rough, but you're so strong at this point, you just need to muscle through things. It's OK to not feel great in a race.  

Here is how I would set up the racing schedule for the rest of the year:
-Friday-Turkey Burner on the Downtown WC Course at 8:30AM.  I know that some of you will run the Turkey Trot in Downingtown(which is a fine race), but most of the people who are reading this workout at Henderson, not DTW.  So, why not support the home team.  Plus, it's on the Downtown WC course which has a lot of value.  Here is the registration link:
-December 2-Brian's Run-Everyone who is reading this should be running Brian's Run-If you're a Knight or a Tuesday Morning Crew, you've probably already been called out.  This is a great challenging race.  It's also the 40th annual race.  Here is the registration link:  Brian's Run
-12/24-Christmas Eve 2 miler on the track at Henderson.  6AM.  This is a great Holiday Tradition.  Plus, you're home before it's light.
-12/30-Resolution 5k at Levante-Registration opens on the 26th and we have a unique pricing plan.  Here is the registration link:  Resolution 5k

The bottom line is get out and race.

Here is the workout schedule:
Tuesday-4 x 1200 w/200 JR at Tempo, 10k pace, 5k pace and slightly faster than 5k pace.  The drop down will be tough on the last 2.  This is a short workout so we'll go back to having everyone start at 5:50.
Thursday or Friday-Race so no workout on Friday.

See you on Tuesday.


11/12/2018 (Philly Marathon Week)

Unfortunately, our website is currently in transition so we are using our RunSignUp website temporarily. 

Here are the workout schedule:
Tuesday-Philly marathoners 3 x 1600 w/100 jr at Mp plus or minus 5 seconds. 1/2 marathoners. 3 x 1600 w/100 jr at 1/2 pace. All others-3 x 1600 w/200 jr at 5k pace. 

Wednesday-Warrior Classic. 2 miles on the track. If you do this, don’t workout on Tuesday. It’s a fun meet. 

Friday-Race this weekend or 5 x 600 w/400 jr at 3k pace. 

Saturday-long run of 75:00. 

Good luck Philly crew. You guys are ready to roll.