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This week's training-10/21


I hope everyone is doing well.  Here is the week's training:

NYC and Philly 1/2-8 x 1000 w/200 jr at 10k pace
Philly full-12 x 1000 w/200 jr at 10k pace
5k group-4-6 x 1000 w/200 jr at 10k pace

Friday-No track access-We're leaving early for Districts.  
The workout will be over the Fern Hill Loop.  Start in front of Henderson.
Philly full-7 miles of tempo
NYC-5 mile cutdown-start at MP and then take :10 off per mile.
Philly 1/2 and 5k-8 x 2:00 w/2:00 jr.  

Saturday-NYC-13 w/2 at MP
                Philly 16
                Philly 1/2-11-12

See you on Tuesday.


Setting up the rest of the fall.


Great job by today's marathoners.  Special shout out to Andy Evans for joining the sub 3 club by going 2:55:26.  Awesome race by him. He's done a ton of work and it has paid off.  It's no surprise that he dropped a massive PR.

Let's start really thinking about some race planning for the rest of your fall.  There are a lot of good races.  Here is the 4 race plan that I'm going to suggest.  You can pick and choose as you please:  Links to all of these races and more are here:

October 20-Monster Mash 5k in Kennett
November 9-this Run's Personal in Downingtown(Fast course)
November 14-Warrior Classic-2 miles on the track.  This is fast and completely accurate.
November 24-27-Either Philly 1/2, Philly full or Chesco TT.  Just 1 of those, not all 3.
December 8-Brian's Run-If you're reading this, you have to run Brian's Run.
That's a great way to end a great year of running for this group.  Don't be afraid to race!!  Live in the moment.  Don't race to get ready for something else.  Race for the sake of racing!!  

Here is the week's training schedule:
Tuesday-NYC-5 x 3200 w/200JR at tempo minus 5 seconds.
               Philly full 4 x 3200 w/200 JR at tempo minus 5 seconds.
                Philly 1/2 3 x 3200 w/200jr at tempo minus 10 seconds.
                5k group-3200(10k), 1600(10k minus 5), 800(5k) w/a 200 jr
Friday-Cape May 1/2-4 mile cutdown-1/2 pace for 1, then -15 per mile after that.
                 Other long racers-Run easy w/8 x striders
                  5k- 800 of tempo and then 2 x 600(Mile), 400(800), 300(800-2), 200(400) all with a 300 JR and 5:00 between sets.
Saturday-NYC-18 w/3 x 3 miles at MP w/1 mile in between starting at 6 miles.
                Philly full-18 w/3 x 2 miles of tempo with 1 Mile in between starting at 9.
                 Philly 1/2-16 w/3 x 2 miles of tempo with 1 mile in between starting at 7.
                5k-7-10 miles or race.

See you on Tuesday.  BTW, if you're in the Unionville area tomorrow mid day, check out the Ches Mont XC Champs.  There will be some great running.  Boys' Varsity is at 9:45, Girls' Varsity is 10:25.  The JV races follow that.


Training this week.


sorry for the shortness. I’m having some internet issues. Hendy invite community mile is Monday. Heat 1 at 745 and heat 2 at 8:00. It’s always good action. Just show up and sign up. 

We had had some good racing this weekend. Let’s keep it up. 

Tuesday. Chicago/Steamtown. 3 x 1600 w/100jr at mp or s little faster. 
Nyc/ Philly 4-5 x 2400 w/200 jr at 10k pace.
5k. 2 x 2400 at 10k pace 
cape may 1/2. 4 miles 1-1/2 pace, 2 10k, 3 1/2 4 5k. 

Friday-Philly 1/2-4-5 miles of tempo.  
            NYC-7 Miles of tempo
             Philly Full-6 miles of tempo
             5k-3 miles of tempo or race on the weekend.
Saturday- Philly 1/2-9-11 miles
                  NYC and Philly-15 miles.
                   5k-7-9 miles.
Ill update for Friday and the long run on Tuesday. 


Track Use/Safety


It looks like the end of the heat may be getting here by Wednesday.  It could be a rough Wednesday.  It's time for nice fall weather as we start gearing up for some nice race weekends.  We have a bunch of great races this weekend.  Take advantage of the good weather and get out there.

We really want everyone to stay safe as we get less light during the day.  Try to wear reflective gear and run with someone, especially in the morning.  Also, it really is dangerous to run while wearing headphones.  Remember, a lot of drivers aren't paying attention in the morning.  You'd be shocked at how many are on their phones while driving.  It's disturbing.

We had an incident at the track one morning last week.  Nobody was hurt but it was kind of creepy.  I had to let the administration know.  They have a policy of the track being open from dawn to dusk and that it can't be used when classes are there or when there is a practice or a game going on.  They're going to start adhering to that policy.  I'll be there on Tuesday and Friday to open the track but it won't be open on the other mornings like it has been.  

Here is the workout schedule:
Tuesday-WG-3 x 1600 w/100 jr at MP, Mp-5, MP -10.
               Chicago/Steamtown-5 x 2k w/200jr at 10k pace.
                Philly/NYC marathon-6 x 2k w/200jr at 10k pace
                Philly 1/2-4 x 2k at 10k pace w/200 jr.
                5k crew-3 x 2k at 10k pace w/200jr
Friday-Anyone racing would not workout
                Chicago/Steamtown-4 mile cutdown.  MP, MP-15, MP-30, MP-45
                 5k-3 x 3 x 300 w/200 jr and 5:00 between sets at Mile pace, 800 pace, faster for each set.
 Saturday-Philly 1/2-15 -6 mile warmup 5k at 5k pace and 6 mile cool down.
                  NYC/Philly full-20 w/5k at 5k pace.  10 mile wu, 7 mile cd.
                    5k-7-9 miles.

See you Tuesday.


UFH Wrap Up


Great job by those who came out to Unite For Her on Saturday.  I think the total ended up being 1927 people.  That's a lot of people for that loop.  We still had some people rolling.  Good work racing and helping a great cause.  It's fun being part of something that big.  They're going to keep growing.  

My next point is that while we had a good crowd out there racing, we also had a lot of people not out there.  It is time to race.  Check out our race calendar and jump in a race.  That's why we train.  We have 4-5 races each of the next few weekends. It's fun to get out there and mix it up.  Even, if you're not in great shape, get out there and compete.  It's good for you.

Here are the workouts for the week:
Tuesday-Wineglass-7 x 1600 at 10k pace with a 200jr.  ST/Chicago-8 x 1600 w/200jr at 10k pace.  Late fall marathoners and 1/2 marathoners-5-6 x 1600 at 10k pace with a 200jr.  AC 1/2-4800m cutdown.  5k runers 3-4 x 1600 w/200 jr at 10k pace.  

Friday-Wineglass-4 mile cutdown.  Mp, MP -15, Tempo, 10k.  ST/Chi-Run easy.  Long Fall marathoners-6 miles of tempo-Track-2400-Fern Hill and then the rest on the track.  Philly 1/2 4 miles of tempo.  Or both of those groups race on the weekend.
5k-1200 of tempo and then 3 x 5 x 200 with a 100jr=to the 200 time and 5;00 between sets at Mile pace or race on the weekend.

Saturday-WG-13 with 11 and 12 at MP.  ST/Chi-17 w/10-16 at MP.  NYC-20 with 10-18 at MP.  Philly 1/2-12.  5k-7-11 miles.

See you on Tuesday.


Races this weekend


We had some great races this weekend.  The WC STOMP at 500+ on Friday with some good group representation.  The Highland Hustle had a great turnout on Saturday and the 9/11 Heroes Run had around 500 at Rustin today.  It was good to see TMC alums Treston and McGurk out there.  We also had a nice turnout at the Rock and Roll 1/2 on a hot morning.  It's always a good idea to race.  There is no better workout.  

This week, we'll have the biggest race ever on the downtown loop when Unite For Her goes off on Saturday morning.  They should end up with 2000+ people.  It's a lot of fun being part of an event like that.  There will be a ton of energy.  Get signed up now.  If you live on the course, get your family out to cheer.

Here is the week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-RNR-no workout.  Philly 1/2-1600, 3200, 1600 at 10k pace w/400 jr.  Fall marathoners-3200, 1600, 3200 at 10k pace w/400 jr.  5k-1600, 800, 1600, 800 at 5k pace w/400jr

Friday-Fall marathoners-easy.  5k-mile of tempo and then 3 x 3 x 200 at mile pace with a 200 jr between each one and 5:00 between sets(or race on Saturday).
Saturday-Philly 1/2-9-14 w/ 3-5 at marathon pace.  Fall marathoners-14 w/6 at MP starting at 7 or race and talk to me about adjusting the training.  Steamtowners-18 w/7 at MP starting at 10.

See you on Tuesday.  I may not be there on Friday.  See you on Tuesday. 

Go Birds!


RNR 1/2


Great job if you raced this weekend.  We had some nice performances.  There are some good 5ks plus the Rock and Roll 1/2(formerly PDR) this weekend.  

RNR is a great course.  One of the keys to running fast there is being calm early, settling into your pace and then blasting the last 5k.  Trust your training and get after it.  Obviously, the weather is a huge factor, but even when it's been warm, it's a fast course.  Your first mile is going to be a little fast.  Don't get worked up about that.  Settle in after the mile and then in the last 5k pick up all of those people who went out too hard.  A little momentum helps keep you motivated at the end of a long race.

Here is the week's training:

Tuesday-Everyone 5 x 1000 w/200 jr at 10k pace plus 5 seconds per mile.  RNRers, feel good coming out of that.  If you're not doing RNR and are running a long fall race, do 8-10 of those.
Friday-Non RNR.  Mile of tempo, 400 jr and then 8 x 300 with an 80 wr, 20 jr at mile pace.  
Saturday-Long group-16 miles.
                 5k-7-10 miles or race.

See you on Tuesday.


Guide to XC Spectating


With XC season starting and some of you having kids running xc this year, I wanted to put out a little guide to spectating.  I've been meaning to do this for awhile.  This can also apply to watching your friends at a big road race.

1-When you get to the meet, a little small talk with your child is OK, but don't distract them too much.  They're probably a little nervous and a lot of pre race questions are ususally not helpful.  The beauty and the curse of xc is that parents and friends have a lot of access to the athletes.
2-Dress to move.  XC is a fluid sport.  One of the great things about it is that, you can get to a lot of places on most courses.  The more spots you can get to, the better. You can also get a great workout in yourself.
3-A good xc outfit would include the following:  Running shoes.  Shorts or athletic pants.  A tech T.  Maybe, a LS T or sweatshirt for before and after you run around the course.  No Nos would include jeans, sandals, dress, shoes, etc.  If you're coming straight from work, at least have your running shoes with you.  Don't be afraid to get muddy.  It's going to happen.
4-During the race, encourage your child and other athletes on the team.  Good things to say might be, "you're in(whatever place they're in) place."  "Go after the person in front of you".  "Relax your hands(if they're making a fist". "Shorten your stride(if they're going up hill)".  "Open your stride(if they're going downhill).
5-After the race, maybe tell them good job and ask how it went.  Some kids are talkers after they race.  Some like to be left alone.  Everyone is different.  Make sure you give them some time to cool down after the race.  

Here is the week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-Marathoners-4 x 3200 at 10k pace with a 400jr
                1/2 marathoners 3 x 3200 at 10k pace with a 400jr
                5k-1600, 3200, 1600 at 10k pace with a 400 jr.
Friday-Race Teri's Run Teri's Run Info  or
               Long racers  5 miles at 1/2 marathon pace.  Yeah, if you're running RnR, it's time to commit to a pace.
                5k-6 x 600 w/100wr, 100jr at 3k pace
Saturday-Marathoners-15 easy
                 1/2 marathoners-12 easy
                 5k-8-11 miles(less if you raced on Friday).

See you tomorrow.


Track Etiquetts


Just a couple of reminders as school gets started and we start to get more people out to the track sessions:
1-Don't jog on the inside lanes.
2-When someone yells track, just step out one lane.  Check that it's clear before moving back in.
3-If you're finishing on the straight, don't yell track.  It's no extra distance to drift out and finish in an outer lane.
4-Don't wear head phones.  
5-Work together in your group.  Take turns leading and run single file.  When it's your turn to lead, keep it even.

Here is the week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-Marathoners-6 x 2k at 10k pace with a 200JR
                1/2 marathoners-5 x 2k at 10k pace with a 200jr
                 5k-3 -4x 2k at 10k pace with a 200jr
Friday-Marathoners and 1/2 marathoners-easy
            5k 12 x 400 w/400 jr at 3k pace.
Long Run-5k-8-11 miles
                 1/2-16 w/5 at MP starting at 10
                  Full 20 w/8 @MP starting at 10 or 11.
If it fits your schedule, use RTL as your long run.  It's nice having water and support on the course.

See you on Tuesday.


The heat is back


After a couple of decent mornings last week, the heat is back in full force.  The last 2 days were brutal and the next 3 look worse.  I'm sure we'll get a couple of more bad stretches.  

Take advantage of it.  Hydrate, eat right and get some good runs and workouts in.  Adjust accordingly for the humidity.  

Thanks to everyone who came out this morning to Highland Orchards.  That was a tough effort.  The free beer afterwards was nice though.

Also, with Fall sports beginning, please don't move the mats that are on the track to protect it from the cleats.  If that keeps happening, we could lose our track privilege.  Remember, no other tracks in the District are open to the public.

Here is the workout schedule for the week:
Tuesday-Long racers: 4k(at tempo), 3k(at 10k), 2k(at 5k), 1k(at 3k) all with a 400 jr.  Practice taking gel during the 4k.  Take water during the 3k and 2k.  
                  5k and Milers-The long workout without the 4k.  
Friday-Long racers-6 miles of tempo in and out starting at the track and heading to Fernhill.  
                  5k and Milers-1200 of tempo, then 400 jr, then 600, 200 x 3 with the 600 at mile pace and the 200 at 800 pace with a 200 jr and 800 jog between sets.  
Saturday-Long racers-14-16 miles.  
                5k and Milers-7-10 miles.

See you on Tuesday.


Mile recap


Great job at the Hotel Warner WC Mile presented by CTDI on Thursday. We had about 280 Citizen's milers, 20 kid's 400 runners and 20 elites.  What a fun night!  We had some huge PRs.  I really liked how we raced.  I think the rain delay helped set up some fast times.  The post-race party at the Marquee was a blast.  I would really encourage you to check that out the next time you're in town.

So, what's next?  A fun, 5k at Highland Orchards this Sunday:
The discount code for this group is TMC.  That's for $5 off.

Or, Run the Loop:
Run however many laps fits your training schedule.

And/or-The thorncroft Trail Run-  This is another tough course with a cold beverage at the end:

Plus, a ton of call races.  Check out our race calendar.

Here is the week's training:
Tuesday-Long Racers-5 x 1600 at 5k pace with a 400jr.
               Milers/5k-3 x 1600 at 5k pace with a 400jr
Friday-Long Racers-60:00 run
            5k/Milers-1200 of tempo, 400jr, 4 x 200 at mile pace with a 200 jr, 3:00 after the last one-All out 400.  5:00+ recovery, then 4 x 200 at mile pace with a 200 jr.
                1/2 and full-12-17 depending on your fitness with 3-5 miles at marathon pace ending with 1 mile left in your run.  For example if you're ready for it, 11 easy and then 5 miles at MP, then 1 easy.  If you're still building, 8 easy, then 3 at MP and then 1 easy.  Be realistic and put yourself where you belong.

See you on Tuesday.


The Mile


This is a big week for us.  Xc Camp started today.  We had a great run and then Ajee Wilson gave a great talk.  Follow us on Twitter @Hendytrackxc or Instagram Chester County Racing Services for some great pics from today.  The Hotel Warner West Chester Mile presented by CTDI is on Thursday.

The Mile offers some great things.  You can to test yourself on Henderson's beautiful facility over the mile.  You can get to stick around and see the elite men try to break 4:00 and the elite women try to break 4:30.  Your kids can run the 400m and get a great shirt and a DQ ice cream cone.  Apply the discount code of WCRC for $5 off.  It's a great event, maybe the best we put on.  Here is the link to registration:

Why the mile you might ask?  It's a great test of your fitness.  Just long enough to hurt, but not so long that you become disengaged.  When people find out that you run, they want to know how fast you can run a mile and if you run marathons.  You'll be able to honestly tell them.  On the elite level, it's a classic test of man vs. the clock.  See if you run under 1:00 per lap for 4 laps.  

Get out there!

Here is the workout schedule for the week:
Tuesday-Milers-Good warmup and then 6 x 200 w/200 jr at mile pace.  No faster.
                5k-800, 3200, 800 w/400jr with the 800s at 5k pace and the 3200 at 10k pace
               Long racers-800,3200, 800, 3200 w/400JR with the 800s at 5k pace and the 3200s at 10k pace.
Wednesday-Milers-good warmup and then 6 x striders. Maybe, run with the Milers from the store at 6:30pm.
Friday-Milers-No workout-
            5k-800, 300 x 4 w/300jr after each.  at 5k and 3k pace
           Long-4 miles of tempo
Saturday-5k and milers-7-10
               1/2 and full-16 easy.
See you in the morning.


Workouts 7/29


i hope everyone is doing well. Get signed up for the WC Mile on August 8. I won’t be at the track this week so the bathrooms won’t be open. 

Here are the workouts:
milers-3 x 1000 w/400 jr at 3k pace plus 3 x 400 at mile pace w/400 jr
5k 5 x 1000 w/400 jr at 5k pace
long group8 x 1000 at 10k pace w/200 jr
mile/5k. Mile of tempo and then 12 x 200 w/200 jr at mile pace. 
llong. No wo
sat-milers-6 miles
1:2/full-15 w/4 at mp starting at 10. 

Have a good week. 



The heat


The heat is here in full force.  Take advantage of it, but be smart.  Hydrate, run early, etc..  Also, welcome it as you would a visit from a relative.  You know that it's good to have them there, but you'll also be happy when the visit is over.  The heat can be unpleasant but beneficial.

Here is our 2nd installment of great sponsors.  Again, you patronizing them can go a long way towards them sticking with us as sponsors going forward and making some of your events so great.
1-Simone Zajac Wealth Management Group.  This is Dan Zajac's Company.  He is a regular on the workout circuit and a Wednesday Knight.  If you want your money managed wisely, Dan is the man to connect with.  Here is his web-site:

2-The Hotel Warner-The title sponsor of the mile.  Now, most of us are local so we're not going to get a room there(although I here they're great).  We do however like to go out for an occasional adult beverage.  The Marquee Bar at the Hotel Warner.  They have great selections and prices in a low-key atmosphere.  Check it out the next time you're in town.  Here is there web-site:

We have the final all comers track meet of the summer on Wednesday.  It's a great tuneup for the Hotel Warner WC Mile presented by CTDI.  You can run an 800, mile or 5k or one of the sprints.  Last week's meet was a blast.

Here is the week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-Milers-1600 of tempo, 400 jr, 1000 meters hard, 7:00  rest and then 600, 200 x 2 w/a 100 wr, 100 jr after the 600 and an 800 jr after the 200.  
Long fall races-5 x 1600 w/200 jr at 10k pace.  If you're racing on Wednesday, you should do 2 miles of tempo on the track.
Friday-Milers-1600 of tempo and then 6 x 500 at mile pace with a 500 jr.
           Longer group-1600 of tempo and then 5 x 600 at 5k pace w/400jr
Saturday-Milers-7-8 miles
                Longer group 11-15 miles.

See you on Tuesday.




I hope everyone is enjoying the benefits of the hot weather training.  This morning was surprisingly nice.  I'm sure it will get thicker as the week progresses.  Make sure you're hydrating.  

We have some great sponsors for our events throughout the year.  I'm going to try to highlight one or two each week for the next couple of weeks.  You supporting them and letting them know that you heard about them through us is a great way for us to keep them as sponsors.

Our first one is Mark McCaffrey All State.  Mark is a member of the running group.  I switched my inusrance over to All State and he's saving me over $2000 for the year.  His number is 610-430-1600.  His email is  His service was great and the simplicity of changing insurance companies is very easy.

Our 2nd company is CTDI.  They are a great company based in West Chester that have been great supporters of the West Chester Mile.  Chris Howe and Elliot Parsons, 2 of our long time team members, work there.  Here is the link to their web-site:

Remember, all comers track meet tomorrow night starting at 5:45.  It looks like we're going to have 2 really good elite 800s starting at 7:50.  If you're a Tuesday morning person, let me know if you're racing and I'll get you entered.

Workouts this week:
Tuesday-(if no track meet)-Long early fall race-4 x 2000 w/200 jr at 10k pace.  Non long fall race-4 x 1200 w/400jr at 5k pace.
Friday-Long fall racers-4 miles of tempo.  Start on the track and go to Fern Hill.  Milers, etc.  Mile of tempo and then 300, 200 x 4 w/100 jr after the 300 and 5:00 between sets.  The 300s should be at 800 pace and the 200s should be at 3k pace.  So, if you're in 4:40 shape, you should be able to run 2:07 and 9:40.  Your 300s should be in 48-49 and your 200s in 39. 
Saturday-Long racers-12-14.  Others-7-10.

See you in the morning.


Happy 4th


I hope everyone had a great holiday.  Thanks to all who came out to the Oakbourne Challenge on the 4th.  It was tough, but fun.  The heat and humidity look to be sticking around for awhile.  Take advantage of it.  Keep hitting the workouts and the long runs and it will pay off in the fall.  In the meantime, get ready to race on the track next Tuesday at Henderson.

Here is the week's workout schedule:

Tuesday-3200 at 10k pace, 1600 at 5k pace and 800 at 3k pace.  All with a 400 jog recovery.  Milers-1600 of tempo and then spike up.  3 x 500  plus 1 x 300 fast w/10:00 recovery.  The 500s should be at 800 pace.  The 300 should be at 400 pace or faster.

Friday-1600 of tempo and then 400, 300, 200, 100, 100, 200, 300, 400 with equal jog recovery.  So, a 400 after the 400, 300 after 300, etc.  5:00 after the 100.  They should start at 800 pace and work down.  Spikes, please.  

Saturday- Fall marathoners and 1/2 marathoners 12 miles with 2 miles at MP at 9 miles.  Others-7-10 miles.

See you on Tuesday.


Staying Healthy


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. This is a great time to get into some healthy habits in order to maintain and improve your health and fitness.

Some of the main causes of injury are lack of strength, poor balance and flexibility issues.  Remember, when you're running, you're balancing on one leg.  So, increasing your balance and strength one leg at a time will be very beneficial.

Here are some easy suggestions:
1-Balance work-Do some single leg balance exercises.  Stand on one leg and lift your other leg parallel to the ground.  Hold for :30 and switch.  do 3 sets 3-4 times per week.  Better yet, get a foam slant board and do the same balance exercises at each angle(so facing each way and going up and down).  These should be single leg also.  Here is a link to foam slant boards:  Foam Slant Board

2-Strength work.  Single leg squats with little or no weight are awesome.  Using bands to activate your glutes.  Put the bands around your leg and step to the side while in a 1/4 squat is good.  Single leg bridges.  Do 3 sets of 8-12 2-3 times per week.  
Make sure with the strength work and the balance work that you use good form and stay tall.

3-Do some dynamic flexibility work.  Things like lunges, figure 4s, knee huggers, scoops and high knees.  Do this 3-5 times per week.

4-Do a little bit of barefoot running on the turf.  5-10:00 during your cool down twice a week would be beneficial.

Registration for the Cloudy and Cumbersome 5k at Levante opens Tuesday at 8:50AM.  This is going to fill up fast.  Here is the info:

Start your 4th of July in style by running the Oakbourne Challenge.  You can choose between the Mile and the hour run.  It's going to be fun(but tough).

Here are the week's workouts:
Tuesday-2400, 1600, 800, 400 w/400JR at 10k pace, 5k pace, 3k pace, mile pace.
Thursday-Oakbourne Challenge
Friday-See how you feel after Thursday-1600 of Tempo, 12 x 200 w/200JR at mile pace.

See you on Tuesday.


Oakbourne Park


Oakbourne Park is one of West Chester's hidden gems.  We use it for Henderson's home xc course.  We've also had the WC Summer  XC Series here for a number of years.  Summer XC was kind of dying so we decided to mix it up a little.  We're going to have a one time event at Oakbourne this summer.

We're calling it the Oakbourne Challenge.  You'll have the option of just running one lap and bombing an xc mile or seeing how many one mile laps you can do in an hour.  It's on July 4th at 7AM.  We'll have some water and bagels.  It will be a fun way to start your holiday.  Also, it's cheap(only $10 for now). It will be great to get an hour of soft surface running in.  Here is the race link:  Oakbourne Challenge

Here is the workout schedule for the week:
Tuesday-4-5 x 1200 w/400 JR at 5k pace.
Friday-Mile of tempo and then 8 x 300 w/300JR at Mile pace.
Saturday-8-13 miles.  

See you in the morning.

PS-If you're down the shore this weekend, sign up for the Sea Isle City Stomp on Saturday morning.  It's a fun race for a good a cause(Bringing Hope Home) and they have a great post race party at LaCosta.  The race starts at 9.  They're expecting 800+ people.

Happy FD


Happy Father's Day.  I hope everyone had a great day.  Thanks to all of the Moms for having our kids so we could be Dads.

Let me know if you're going to run an early fall marathon.  We'll adjust the training accordingly.  

Really great job by the Knights and the Tuesday Crew in the DMR on Tuesday.  That was a lot of fun.  The next track meet is July 16.  I'm going to recommend a mile and an 800 for most of the group.

I love how there is a lot of mixing of the groups at this point.  A lot of Knights get on the track and Wednesday is a good option for some of the morning crew.  If you haven't been out on Wednesday, put that on your bucket list for the summer.  It's on my list of things to do this summer.  

Here is the workout schedule:
Tuesday-1600, 800, 400, 800, 1600 at 5k pace with a 400 JR.  
Friday-1600 of tempo and then 6 x 400 w/400jr at Mile pace.
Saturday-8-12 miles.  It's time to slowly grind that long run up.

See you on Tuesday.




I'm sure many of you have been following the Gabe Grunewald story.  Her battle with cancer ended sadly yesterday.  Her story is very inspiring.  Read some of the articles and if you have time, watch the "Gabe" video.  As Maddy said, "It puts things in perspective."  I'll put the links below.

A lot of clubs/elite athletes are running a 5k in her honor tomorrow.  We're going to join them.  We'll do a 5k on the track tomorrow instead of the workout that was planned.  You can run it how you'd like:  hard 5k, 5k of tempo or mix in some bursts.  We'll start at 5:30 sharp.  #bravelikegabe

LR Obituary

Tim Layden Article

#Bravelikegabe site

Gab Video

See you in the morning.

BTW-Great turnout this morning.  That was fun.

Just the workout


Sorry for the late notice on the workout.  We still need one more person for the DMR tomorrow.  All are welcome.

Tuesday-Non DMR people, 3 x 1600 w/200 jr at 10k pace.
Friday-Mile of tempo and then 12 x 200 w/200JR at Mile pace.  
Saturday-7-11 miles.

See you tomorrow,


DMR Details


We've been track heavy with our topics lately.  We had some great performances on Friday night at the Distance Festival at Henderson.  Scott, Maddy, Ed and Lauren ran nice 800s(Maddy mixed it up with the pros).  JT Newton won his heat of the Mile and Andy Evans, Colleen and Lisa all ran great 5ks.  That brings us to our first all comers meet and the DMR Challenge on Tuesday, June 11.  

1st of all, get your team together.  If you're not a Tuesday morning track workout person, get your team together and enter through the link below.  If you're a WCRC person, I created a team on Milesplit.  We'll figure out the teams on Tuesday and other events that you're going to run and I'll enter them(Mac, I can create a team for the Knights but give you control of it).  You'll be able to pay on RSU or at the meet.  So, on Tuesday morning, try to have your team ready.  We can always add/change things up to race time.  You can always me e-mail changes/updates.  For your 2nd event, it would be after the DMR.  So, an 800, 200 or mile.

BTW, we'll have official FAT splits for the relay this year.  No guesstimates.  Each member of the relay will have to wear hip numbers.

It's fun to get out on the track and race.  No one is too fast or slow for Henderson.   Here is the link to meet information:

Also, this Friday is the Dub C 5k.  It's a chance to run fast on the Downtown Loop and get out for a great post-race party at Kildare's.  Sign up soon:

Here is the week's training schedule:
Tuesday-Mile of tempo, 400jR and then 6 x 600 w/400 JR at 3k pace.  
Friday-Mile of tempo, 400 JR, then 3 x 400 w/800 1-2 seconds faster than 800 pace.
Saturday-6-8 miles.  Sunday-off.  Monday-Premeet.  25:00 warmup, 2 x 200 at 800 pace with a 600 jr(3:00).  10:00 cooldown.

See you on Tuesday.


PA Distance Festival


This Friday's Distance Festival is looking outstanding.  The weather looks great and the fields look good.  If you're reading this, you should be running on Friday night.  Races start at 5:45 and there is something for everyone.  You can run anything from the 200-5000m.  It's always fun to see what you can do in a mile or a 800.  And, as I've said before, your true 5k fitness is determined on the track.  You never know about the distance of a particular road 5k.  We know that 12 1/2 laps on the track is 5000 meters.  You can bring the family and have the kids run a shorter race.  Then, hit DQ or the Square(depending on how old your kids are). It's a fun , tight meet.  Here is the link to information:  PA Distance Festival

That also sets you up for the DMR Challenge on June 11, also at Henderson.  The beauty of this is that you can run a leg in the DMR and come back and run an open race afterwards.  Again, racing on the track is always good for your racing instincts.  Here is the link to the All Comers meet:

Here is the week's training schedule:
Tuesday-800 on Friday-1000, 600, 400, 200 at 3k pace, mile pace, 800 pace and 400 all with a 400 jog.
              Mile on Friday-1200, 800, 400, 300 at 5k pace, 3k pace, mile pace and 800 pace all with a 400 jog
              5k on Friday-1600, 1200, 800, 400 at 10k pace, 5k pace, 3k pace, mile pace
People not racing on Friday-pick a group.
Thursday-Warmup and pre meet.  800-3 x 200 at 800 pace with a 400 JR.  No faster, no slower.
                                                        Mile-2 x 400 at Mile pace w/400 jr
                                                         5k-1 x 1600 at tempo.  2 x 400 at 5k pace w/200JR 

Saturday-7-11 miles.

See you on Tuesday.


Training Cycles


Thanks to all who showed up this morning for the Scott Elliott race at Rustin.  It was a hot one.  We have the Burkholder Brothers Triple Threat Relay and Levante 5k this Sunday.  Get a team of three together and each person runs 1.04 miles and/or run the 5k.  It's a fun event.  Everyone gets a T-shirt(while supplies last) and a free beer(if you're 21).  Here is the race registration link:  Levante 5k and Burkholder Triple Threat

e've had some great training cycles and some great performances to match them over the last couple of years.  People come and go, but the ones who have the most success are out regularly on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.  When that happens, you stack training cycles on top of each other and build a great base of fitness.  That allows for some great performances.  

Here is what we're looking at with the group over the rest of the year:
Mile-We'll have some really specific mile training leading into the West Chester Mile on August 8.
rock and Roll 1/2/Chicago/Wineglass Marathon-I feel like we have a good group training for those races.
Philly Full and 1/2-I'm sure we'll have a good crew doing both.  
5k/5 mile training for everyone not doing a long race.  

It should be a fun summer/fall.

Here is the week's training:
Tuesday-6 x 600 at 3k pace with a 400 JR.
Friday-Milers-Mile of tempo-3 x 400, 200 with a 300 JR after each and 5:00 between sets. The 400s should be at 800 pace and the 200s should be at 400 pace.
5k group-2 miles of tempo and then 1000, 600, 400 with a 400JR at 5k pace, 3k pace, Mile pace.  

Saturday-8-11 miles unless your racing on Sunday.

See you on Tuesday.




Great job by Melissa Bradley and her crew putting on the Mother's Day 5k!  Despite the dreary weather, it was a big success.  Kudos o everyone who volunteered, ran and walked.

Here is the week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-6 x 800 w/400JR at 5k pace.
Friday-Milers-3 x 3 x 200 w/200 JR and 5:00 between sets at Mile pace.  5k runners-3 x 4 x 300 w/200 JR and 5:00 between sets at 3k pace.
Saturday-7-11 miles depending on your fitness.

See you in the morning.


Racing on the track


Great job at Broad Street this morning!  We had some great runs.  It looked like, once you got warm, the conditions were pretty good to run fast.  I would take it easy for a few days and then get back out there by Friday.

We'll have some nice opportunities to run in some track meets at Henderson in the next few months.  Racing on the track is really good for you.  Running some shorter races can really sharpen your racing instincts.  It's fun to run fast and really get into a racing situation.  My best spring of racing after college was followed by a winter where I raced indoors 5-6 times.  I know the track is a little scary, but get out there when the opportunity presents itself.

Here are the Henderson open meet dates:
May 31-John Hay PA Distance Festival
June 11-DMR Challenge.  Distance Medley Relay and some other races.
July 16-All Comers Meet 
July 24-All Comers Meet 
August 8-West Chester Mile

BTW, thanks for those who came out to watch on Friday.  There were some really good performances.

Here is the workout schedule for the week:
Tuesday-4 x 1600 at 10k pace w/200 JR.  Milers-Mile of tempo, 400 JR then 300, 200, 100 x 2 w/3:00 after each one and 6:00 between sets.  300s at 800 pace, 200s and 100s at 400 pace.
Friday-5k-4 x 600 @ Mile pace with a 400 JR.  Milers-Mile of tempo then 4 x 300 w/a 300 JR at Mile pace.  
Saturday-5-10 miles.
Sunday-Milers-2 x 200 at 800 pace with a 400JR.

See you on Tuesday.


The Pros


Congrats if you had a good race this weekend!  

In West Chester, we have some unique opportunities to support the professional side of the sport.  Thanks to the great facility at Henderson, we are able to attract some type flight athletes to our meets.  The first chance to see these athletes in action is at the Hoka Henderson Invitational on Friday at Henderson.  Along with about 1500 high school athletes, we will have an elite men's and women's 800 meters.  The men will be shooting to break 1:48 and the women 2:01.  The elite races start at 7:50 and are surrounded by some great high school races.  

How can you support this?  Simple, come out, pay your $5 admission and make some noise.  Maybe, buy a Chik fil A sandwich and head to the Square Bar for a cold beverage afterwards.  Maybe, bring your kids and show them what can happen if you really commit yourself to something.

Why is this important to us?  Having a healthy pro circuit with exposure to these athletes is good for the "citizens" part of the sport.  Especially here, it's fun to see these men and women running on your track.  These athletes are down to earth guys just trying to make a living at something that they're good at.  After you watch them, don't be afraid to say hello to them or have your kids ask for an autograph.  You never know which ones will end up in the Olympics.

Speaking of running with the pros, our own Maddy Evan will be mixing it up with them on Monday, May 13 at Swarthmore College.  She's been tearing it up in workouts.  It will be fun to see her race an 800 there.  

Here is the week's workouts:
Tuesday-Broad Street Crew-Last workout before the race.  5 x 1000 w/200 jr at 5 seconds faster per mile than Broad Street pace.  You should feel good coming out of that.  Everyone will do that workout.
Friday-Milers-Mile of tempo 400/jr then 4 x 300 at 800 pace with a 500 jog recovery.  5k runners  Mile of tempo then 8 x 300 w//100 JR at 3k pace.

BTW, sign up for the Mother's Day 5k today.  What are you waiting for?

See you on Tuesday.


Marathon Fitness


Nice work by our group hanging tough in Boston.  It got warm which can happen at Boston.  That's the nature of the marathon.  You put months of prep work in for a race and then the weather has a huge outcome on your performance.  It's the nature of the beast. 

Now that you have a week of recovery, it's time to take advantage of your marathon fitness.  I was usually able to run really well at shorter races after running a marathon, no matter how poorly the marathon itself went.  In 1996, I fell apart at Wineglass.  I came back 6 days later and ran 14:52 at Shut Up and Run in Bryn Mawr and then 2 weeks after that, I ran 23:52 for 8k of XC in Boston.  I went on to have a great winter and spring of racing. 

You can't be afraid to get in some races now.  This is the time to set some PRs or at least have some really good efforts.  Give it 2 weeks of easy running and then start getting after it.  We have some great races this weekend and in May and June.

If you're not quite recovered, we are hosting a mile and a chocolate milk mile on Wednesday at Henderson starting at 6.  It should be fun.

Here is the week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-4 x 1200 w/200JR at 10k pace, jog a 400 and then 4 x 200 at mile pace with a 100 WR, 100 JR.
Friday-Broad Street-5 mile tempo run(at Broad street pace)-We'll do a 2400 on the track and then do the Fern Hill loop and then finish on the track.
Milers-Mile of tempo, then spike up.  400, 300, 200.  Each one fast with 6:00 between each one.

Saturday-8 miles.

See you on the morning.




As many of you know, the Boston Marathon.  We have a great group from of our crew running.  Here is the link to tracking them if you haven't found it yet:  Boston Tracking

Boston is a great race.  It's a challenging course, but the crowds are great.  It looks like this going to be one of the rare tailwind years.  If you're running and read this, take advantage of this by being conservative early and hydrating/fueling well early.  You can definitely negative split this course if you run smart.  It will be fun to follow our crew tomorrow.

Nice work in humid conditions this morning by the Rehoboth crew.  The times weren't great but it was less than great marathon weather.  Kudos to them for hanging in there.  

Here is the workouts for the week:
Tuesday- 2 miles of tempo and then 4 x 400 w/400JR at Mile pace.
Friday-3 x 3 x 300 w/200 JR and 5:00 between sets.  1st set at mile pace.  2nd set at 800 pace.  3rd set faster than 800 pace.
Saturday-BS-11-13 miles.  5k-7-10 miles.

See you on Tuesday.


Time Trials


Time trials can be an important part of any good training plan.  It can be a good test of your fitness and can be used in preparation for an early season race.  It has a lot of the benefits of a race without all of the extra stress that comes with a race.  Sometimes, it's really just a race in disguise.  We've thrown together some really fun, fast time trials over the years.  Some have been big, think Tuesday morning 5 miler or a number of mile time trials that we've done over the years.  Some, have been as small as 1 or 2 guys showing up at the track and testing themselves. 

You can learn a lot from a time trial.  Maybe, you need to add a little more speed to your training regimen.  Or, maybe, your speed is good, but you need a little more strength work.  Each person is different.  A time trial is also very useful at a distance a little shorter than your goal distance.  For example, a 600 is very useful for 800 meter runners and a 1200 is very good for milers.

How do we prepare for a time trial?  You should treat it as a race situation.  Do a good warm up.  Wear racing shoes.  Attack like you would in a race. 

If you're reading into this, you're probably thinking, "This sounds like a great idea.  When is our first time trial of the year?"   Great question.  The answer is this Friday.  I'll give the details in the workout schedule below.

Here is this week's workouts.  This is the last week of workouts for the Boston/Rehoboth crew.
Monday-Marathoners-5-7 miles.
Tuesday-Marathoners-3 x 1600 w/100 Jog recovery at MP + 5, MP and MP -5.  Take a gel on the 2nd one.  2 mile wu, 1-2 mile cool down.  5k/Broad Street-2400, 1600, 800 w/400 JR at 5k pace.  
Thursday-Marathoners-Off or 3-4 miles.
Friday-Rehoboth-Off.  Boston-1.5 mile wu, 1 mile at MP, 1.5 mile cd.  All others 600 meter time trial starting at :5:45.  At 5:40, run 2 x 200 at mile pace with a 200 jr just to get loose and then do some final stretches.  We'll start the TT at 5:45.  After the time trial, take 10:00 and then do 4 x 300 w/300 JR at mile pace.  
Saturday-Rehoboth-3 mile shakeout.  Boston-Off.  BS-10-11 miles.  5k-6-8 miles.
Sunday-Rehoboth-Race.  Boston-3 mile shakeout.

See you on Tuesday.





We've had some great training.  As the marathoners get close to Boston and Rehoboth, I wanted to talk about tapering a little.
1-The idea is to make you feel better on race day.  If done properly, you probably won't feel that great early in the race and in the days leading up to the race.
2-You want to back down in steps.  This week, cut your mileage by about 80-85%.  While this is a general rule of thumb, everyone reacts differently to the drop in mileage. If you're not sure where you should be, let me know.
3-We'll keep the intensity pretty high this week and then back it down next week.  
4-Stay in your normal habits, eating and otherwise.  An example would be if you usually have a couple of beers before your long run, it's not going to kill you do the same thing before the race.  Eat normal foods that you usually eat.  Don't experiment in the couple of days before the race.Maybe, avoid any yard work until the 16th.    
5-Avoid getting sick.  For whatever reason, people get sick when they taper.  Get plenty of rest, wash your hands and drink some orange juice every day.
6-Enjoy spending some additional time with your family(although if they're reading this, realize that you might be a little grumpy leading into the race).  
7-Make sure you're staying hydrated.  

This week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-Marathoners-8 x 800 w/200 JR at 5k pace.  5k/Broad Street-6 x 800 w/200 JR at 5k pace.
Friday-Marathoners-5 mile cut down on the track starting at Marathon pace and dropping 10 seconds per mile.  5k/Broad Street-3 x 3 x 400 w/200JR and 5:00 between sets at 2 mile pace.  
Saturday-Marathoners-13 w/3 at MP starting at 9.  Broad street-12 miles.  5k-7-9 miles.

See you on Tuesday.




Great turnout at the St. Agnes 5k on Saturday.  I think we went 1,3 on the men's side and 2-6(at least) on the women's side.  Great job by Col getting 375 people out there on a windy Saturday morning.  It's fun to get in there and mix it up.  If you missed it, you missed a good one.

We have some nice elite Nike gear that we're trying to get rid of.  It's mostly women's stuff.  We're just charging $5 per piece and it's going to a charity at school.  One of the teachers cousins committed suicide and they have a foundation that pays activity fees, etc. so that kids who can't afford to be involved in after school activities can get involved.  We've given them around $1100 so far.  Anyway, it's nice stuff.  I'll leave the track shed open on Tuesday and Friday so you can check it out after the workouts.  I'll leave a box in there for the money.  It will, obviously, be the honor system.  

As the Boston/Rehoboth crew starts to wind down there training and the Broad Street Crew continue to get in great shape, it's time to start dialing into your paces.  We decided to put the workouts in the blog so you can prepare yourself.  We have some really good workout groups going at the track right now.  If you're not in one yet, find your group.  Sometimes, you'll have a good day and help the group.  Sometimes, you'll be having a bad day and the group will help you.  Don't go crazy on your good days and don't give up on your bad days.

Here is the week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-Marathoners-Big one-8-10 x 1600 with 100JR at Tempo minus 5 seconds.  The recovery should be about 40-45 seconds.  I've always found that this workout was more mentally than physically tough(believe me, it's plenty tough physically).  It's a grinder.  Let's make sure we're taking some gels while we're running fast.  Maybe during the 3rd and 8th miles.  Get into your pace by the 2nd one and just keep it rolling.  Some people are starting at 5:15.  BS-4-6 x 1600 w/100 JR at BS pace minus 5 seconds.  5k-3-4 x 1600 w/100 JR at Tempo minus 5 seconds.

Friday-Marathoners-60:00.  Others-3 x 5 x 200 w/100 JR and 5:00 between sets at 3kpace(so 5k pace minus 10 seconds per mile).  The recovery jog should be 35-40 seconds.  

Saturday-Marathoners-18 with 3 x 5k at MP with 2:00 recovery starting at the 7 mile mark. Again, gels during the 1st and 3rd 5ks.  BS-11 easy.  5k-7-8 miles easy.

See you on Tuesday.




We'd love to have more beginners out for the Tuesday morning workout.  It's a great opportunity to start exercising with a group.  You don't have to do the actual workouts.  Just doing some running and walking is a good way to start.  The track is a great surface to start running on. If you have some beginner friends, have them start coming out.  They/you won't regret it.  

We had some great runs this weekend.  The group is really starting to get fit.  Here is the week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-Marathoners-10 x 1000m with a 200 JR at 10k pace.  BS/5k people-5-6 x 1000m w/200JR at 10k pace.  Get right on pace early.  this is not a cutdown workout.  

Friday-Remember, we really want everyone racing the St. Agnes 5k on Saturday morning.  Here is the link:  St. Agnes 5k Registration
If you are racing, 50:00 with 6 x striders on the track.  If you're not racing on Saturday, the wo is 25 x 200 with 0 jog recovery at 5k pace.  

Saturday-Marathoners-7 mile wu, race, 3 mile cool down.  BS-4 mile wu, race, 2 mile CD.  Everyone else 3 mile warmup, race and then mile cool down.

See you on Tuesday.


Racing Season


Nice job by those who came out to St. Pat's this morning.  It was a lot of fun.  

If you didn't race today, it's time.  We do all this training.  It's time to take advantage of it and race.  Like anything, it takes some experience to get good at it.  Racing once doesn't get you ready to race.  You have to do it pretty often.  I would set the goal for the next 3 months of trying to race twice a month.

Racing is scary.  You get that feeling of dread and anxiety before a race that makes you feel a little sick.  That's good for you.  There is nothing like the feeling of a good hard race. It's exhilarating.   If it doesn't go great, that's OK.  At least you got out there.  Rarely in life do you have the opportunity to really test yourself and lay it on the line.  Racing does that.

Now, some people go into a race with excuses ready.  "I'm doing it as a tempo run."  "I was out too late last night", etc. etc..  It's human nature to not want to take a risk and put yourself into discomfort.  Just lay it on the line.

One of my few talents as an athlete was having the ability to find that level of discomfort that was just right.  If I went any harder, I would blow up.  If I went any slower, it wasn't a good race.  Find that "red line" and enjoy the feeling, no matter your level.  

This week's workouts:
We're really starting to get after it now:
Tuesday-Marathoners-3 x 3200 at 10k pace with a 200JR.  Last mile of the 3rd 3200 at 5k pace.  5k/Broad Street-1600, 3200, 1600 w/200 JR at 10k pace.

Friday-Marathoners-60:00.  BS/5k-3 x 3 x 300 at mile pace with a 200 JR after each one and an 800 between sets.

Saturday-Marathoners-22 with 10 miles at MP minus 5-7 seconds starting at 11 miles.  Take a gel at the mile and 6 mile mark.  Here is the loop:  Boston 22 That will be a tough loop.  You'll have to run the downhills smart.  The first 11 should be at MP plus 1:00.  No faster.  
BS-11-12 miles easy.  5k-7-9 miles.

See you on Tuesday.


Back to the Track!


As most of you know, we're back on the track this Tuesday.  If the track is snow covered, we'll meet in front of the track and do the workouts over the Fern Hill loop.

As we get back onto the track for the next 9 months or so, I just wanted to remind people about track etiquette.
1-If someone yells track, just step out one lane.  Don't panic and jump out to lane 3 or 4.  Just slide out.  If you're finishing your interval and on the straightaway, don't yell track, finish in one of the outer lanes.
2-In relationship to #1, don't wear headphones for the track workouts.
3-To keep things running smoothly, try to run single file during your workout with your group.  There is no real need to run two or three across on the track.
4-Within your group, take turns leading.  If the group is too slow for you, move up a group.  If the group is too fast for you, move down.  Working with a group can lead to great progress.
5-Try to do the workout as prescribed.  If you want to do your own thing, go somewhere else.  That doesn't mean that if you're just coming back, you should necessarily do the whole workout.  Do what you can handle.
6-We have some great groups going.  If you're new to the group, you'll find that each group has a leader or leaders.  Take their advice.  They've probably been doing this for awhile.
7-NEVER jog or walk in lane 1.  When you finish your interval, don't stop in lane 1.  Many times, we have upwards of 50 people on the track.  Have a little awareness of the people around you.
8-When we do really hard marathon workouts, some people may start early.  Be aware of that when warming up.  We'll always try to start the main group at 5:50.

This week's workouts:
We had some really good hard long runs for the marathoners this week and some of them are racing on Sunday so the Tuesday workout will be a little bit of a back down this week(but still tough).
Tuesday-Everyone-3-4 x 1600 w/200 JR at 5k pace.  Hopefully, on the track but maybe on the Fern Hill Loop.
Friday/Saturday-People racing on Sunday-12 miles on Friday, easy 7-8 on Saturday.  Marathoners not racing.  10 w/striders on Friday and 13 on Saturday.  BS-Racing-8 on Friday, 4 with striders on Saturday.  BS-Not racing-8 w/striders on Friday and 10 on Saturday.  5k not racing-6-8 w/striders on Friday and 7-9 on Saturday.  5k racing-6 on Friday and 4 with striders on Saturday.  Remember, nothing prepares you to race like racing.  No matter the distance, it has great benefits.
Sunday- Marathoners-6-7 mile warmup, race and then 2 mile cool down.  BS-5 mile warmup, race and then 2 mile cooldown.  5k-3 mile warmup, race and then 1 mile cool down.  Enjoy the post-race festivities.

See you on Tuesday.


Finding your pace


I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  Good luck with the wind tomorrow.

As we start to really get into the training cycle, it's time to start getting some focus on your goals and what your training paces should be.  Some of you are experienced and know the drill.  Some have to figure things out a little. And some are just out there running(which is OK).  The idea of any training program is to hit some training zones to force the body to adapt and become stronger.  Here are some guidelines to what we're talking about with the training:
5k pace=your 5k pace-If your not sure, jump in a race and run hard.
10k pace-5k pace plus :10 seconds per mile. 
Tempo-The pace you could run for an hour or 10k pace plus 12-15 seconds.
Marathon Pace=Marathon pace or tempo plus 30-35 seconds.  
Remember, it will be harder to hit these paces on the roads then on the track.  Adjust accordingly.

Here is the week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-Last day of hills-3 x short, 3 x regular, 2 x long.  this is the last hill workout.  Next week, everyone is on the track.  Marathon crew-4 x 2400 at 10k pace with a 200 jog recovery/
Friday-Broad Street/5k-12 x 400 w/200 jr at 5k pace.  Marathoners-60:00 w/8 x striders.
Saturday-Marathoners-Marathoners-20 w/3 x 4 miles at tempo pace w/1 mile easy in between.  Let's try to find a 5 mile warmup and then a 5 mile loop with some hills for the tempos.  Take Gu and water during the tempo/  Broad Street-13 miles easy.  5k-8-9 miles.

See you on Tuesday.


Workout schedule


I wanted to get this out early this week. I'm not going to be around tomorrow.

Tuesday-Hills-8 x regular hills.  Good form.  Jog to the bottom.  Track workout-Start at 5:30.  7 x 1200 w/200jr at 10k pace.

Friday-Marathoners-5x 8:00 of broken tempo with a 1:00 jog recovery.  Broad Street-3 x 8:00 w/1:00 JR of broken tempo.  5k-2 x 8:00 w/1:00JR. We'll probably start on the track and head to FH.  

Saturday-Marathoners-15-16.  Broad Street-11-12.  5k-8-10.

See you on Tuesday.




As I look this group, we have a lot of great people out here. I started thinking on my run today how much the group has changed over the years(I think we started the Tuesday morning runs about 10 years ago).  In the beginning, it was a small group and Manion was clearly the 2nd in command.  When John stepped out, Colleen has stepped up to organize the Saturday morning runs.  Others have stepped up in her absence.  I've been around the whole time, but won't always be around.  Due to life situations, every one comes and goes from the group in varying degrees.  Some go away and stay away.  Some go away and come back.  Some people are there all of the time(we've never had a better core group), and some people are there when it fits their schedule.  

My point is that nobody is irreplaceable.  As this group continues to evolve and we have more leaders within each group that it continues on for many years to come. 

I love that we have marathoners helping out milers and vice versa.
It looks like the weather is not going to cooperate for Tuesday.  We're going to workout on Wednesday this week.  If it ends up not being too bad, you can always get out there on Tuesday.  Here is the week's workouts:

Tuesday/Wednesday-Hill Group-4 x Long, short.  I won't be at the hills as the Boston crew is starting to workout on the track so someone start the wo at 5:50.  Track wo-let's start at 5:30.  If the track is covered, we'll use the FH loop.  4 x 2000m at 10k pace with a 200JR.  

Friday-60:00 w/8 x striders.

Saturday-Boston/Rehoboth-18 with 3 x 3 miles at MP with 2:00 rest.  Start the MP at 7 miles.  Broad Street-12 w/ 3 miles at MP.  5k/Mile-8-10.

See you on Wednesday.




Great turnouts for both workouts last week.  It looks really nice for Tuesday's workout. 

As we get more and more people out on Tuesday mornings, let's remember that everyone is not up before 6.  Those people who are asleep on Biddle Street aren't super appreciate of a lot of noise outside of their houses.  The main issue is at the start of the workout.  So, let's just be aware of that and try not to make a lot of noise before the workout.  I get that everyone can't be completely quiet, but try to keep things calm.  We don't want to jeopardize the workout. 

Here is this week's workout schedule: 

Tuesday- Long hill, regular hill, short hill x 3.  Jog to bottom after each one.  Alternate workout-5 x 4:00 w/1:00 recovery at 10k pace. We have a meet at the Armory in NYC on Monday night so I won't be at the workout.  Just get together and get it going at 5:50.   

Friday-5k/Broad Street-4 mile tempo run.  Marathoners-6 mile tempo run. 

Saturday-Marathoners 16 at 1;00 slower than marathon pace.  BS-10 miles.  5k 8-10 miles.  See you on Friday.


Winter Blues


This week's cold flash getting you down.  Get something on your radar to help keep you motivated.  Commit to a training schedule and follow it.  Don't make excuses for the weather.  You'll be thankful come race day.  Remember, Broad Street sign up starts this Friday.   Get on it if you're running.  Here is this week's workout schedule: 

Tuesday-Regular hill, short hill x 5.  So, 5 regular hills to the light pole after Matlack Street and 5 short hills(one bloack), jog to the bottom for your recovery. 

Friday-60:00 w/8 x striders.  Striders at 5:30 on the track. 

Saturday-Boston/Rehoboth-16-17 miles with 5 miles at MP from 10-15.  BS-11 miles with 3 miles at MP from 7-10.  Others-10 miles. 

See you in morning,


Cold Weather


Hopefully, you took advantage of the weather from the last 2 days and got out.  It's getting nasty out now. As we face a couple of days of cold weather, be smart in your preparation and outlook.

I am not a treadmill/indoor person, but even we're having practice inside tomorrow.  At practice time, the real feel is supposed to be -10.  That's chilly.  Tuesday, the temperature will be around 13 with a real feel of 1 for the workout. That's cold but bearable.  Just layer up, wear wool socks and a good pair of gloves.   

My big concern is always the ice.  Hopefully, this afternoon's wind will dry things out enough so that there is not a lot of ice patches(especially on Biddle Street).  Just be careful.  The beauty of this weather is that it forces you to start a little slower.  That helps to keep you healthy.  I've put together the training plan for Boston and Broad Street.  The Boston crew will have 3 more weeks of hills and then start working out on the track on February 12.  Everyone else will run hills until March 5.  I'm excited about the training plan. 

We have some tuneup races built into both plans.  In March, we want everyone running the St. Pat's 5k at Levante on March 10 and the St. Agnes 5k in town on March 23.  For April, there are some many races to choose from, we'd just like to see everyone race twice in preparation for Broad Street.  St. Pat's Info St. Agnes Info

Here is the week's workout plan:
Tuesday-Short hills x 16.  Run 1 block hard, jog back down. 
Friday-4 Miles of of Tempo
Saturday-BM-15.  All others 8-12.

See you on Tuesday.




As you know, we've started the hill workout part of our training cycle.  The hills are a necessary part of the base building phase.  As we gear up for Boston, Broad Street or whatever other spring races you have planned, the hills do a great job of preparing our bodies for some of the hard workouts that we have planned going forward. 

The hills really help us focus on form.  They also help us increase our leg strength a little and increase our ankle flexibility and running efficiency.  If done properly, they can be very beneficial. 

When running the hills, focus on keeping your elbows in, relaxing and hands and driving your legs up.  Run hard up the hill and jog down the hill.  Here is the week's training: 

Tuesday-5 x long hills-Biddle to Matlack to Lafayette to Walnut.  Jog down Walnut to Biddle to the start.  So, it's 4 blocks hard and 2 blocks of jogging.   

Friday-3 miles of tempo at Henderson starting at 5:30AM.  If the track is snow covered, we'll do the Fern Hill loop. 

Saturday-8-12 miles.  Start practicing taking water and gels. 

See you on Tuesday.


Changing of the Guard


As many of you know, we're in the process of selling the store.  Bob Schwelm, who owns the Bryn Mawr Running Company and is a great guy, is buying the the store.  I ran for Bob's store team in the 90s and we did some great training together.  There won't be a ton of change.  Ed will still be the manager.  You'll still get the same great service that you've always gotten.  We'll still own the timing business so we'll continue to try and put on fun events.  I'll still be in charge of the training and the morning workouts.  The only real changes at the beginning will be that the store name will be the Bryn Mawr Running Company-West Chester and some cosmetic changes.  The "new" store will probably have a better rewards system.  I'll still be involved a little bit and having Bob make it out to some of the runs will be good for him and the runs. 

What really won't change is me being involved in the training groups.  As I mentioned numerous times, we had a great fall training cycle.  We are going to keep it rolling this winter and spring.  As you all know, the hill workouts start this Tuesday.  You get out there and get your friends.  Our all-time record for the hills is 88.  I'd like to see that go down this winter.  More importantly, I'm excited to get the whole group back together for the first time.since Brian's Run. The weather looks good.  37 with only a 35% chance of showers.  Let's have a great healthy start to the year.

Here is this week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-8 x the normal hill.  Starting at Biddle and High, run up Biddle to the light pole past Matlack and then jog back down.  Concentrate on good form.  If you're not ready for 8, do 4 or 6.  The workout starts at 5:50AM.

Friday-10 laps of tempo on the track.  Tempo is Broad Street pace or the pace that you could run for an hour.  We'll start the workout at 5:30AM at Henderson at the track.

Saturday-8-11 miles.  There will probably be a group starting from the WC Country Club at 6:30AM.  If you want to be on that e-mail list, let me know.  We may start posting that run on here on Fridays or whenever it comes out. 

See you on Tuesday.


Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and that you are ready to go.   I

'm not really one to make a lot of New Year's Resolutions, but it is time to start getting after it.  Be smart and don't come back too fast, but let's get going. 

For me personally, 2018 was my worst year of training ever.  I had some nagging injuries that led to a lot of poor training.  I feel like 2019 is going to be a better year(it can't get much worse).  

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the team/group had a great year.  We had a lot of PRs and more importantly, people really trained well.  

I have some big goals for the group this spring:
1-Race more.  I think we've gotten so in tune with the training that we've forgotten about racing.  Nothing can prepare you to race like racing.  With that being said, we're going to point to some 5ks this spring that we'll try to get the group to focus on.  It's always cool to have a good crowd of teammates out at a race.  The first race that we're going to point to is the St. Agnes race on March 23.  
2-Have a really good training cycle for Boston.  I haven't sat down yet and put the specific training in writing, but it's coming close.  I've been bouncing some ideas around.  I'm really hoping for a big Boston out of this group.  You can run fast on that course if you prepare well.
3-Get the non-Boston marathoners ready for their races.  We have at least a few people running other spring marathons.  I thought the different marathons went well last spring. Let me know what you're getting ready for.  I know we have at least one person running Rehoboth and 1 doing Run for the Red in the Spring.
4-Have a really good Broad Street.  I'm sure we'll have a big crew out for that.
5-Keep people healthy.  One way to do this is to stay focused on doing some core and balance exercises.  Consistency is the key with this stuff.  Also, don't be afraid of the foam roller.  Also, getting in to get worked on is always a good idea.  There are a lot of good people out there.  As you know we like The Move Clinic Jeff and Adam do a great job.  Also, Orange Cryo of West Chester is a great recovery tool. If you mention that we sent you, they'll charge you at the 1st time rate every time.  Here is the info:  Orange Cryo of West Chester

Here is what you should do for training this week:
A couple of easy runs.  Friday-throw in 8 striders during your run.  Saturday, go 8-10 miles.

The hills start next Tuesday.  See you soon.


2 Mile Time Trial


As most of you know, tomorrow(Christmas Eve) is our annual Christmas Eve 2 mile time trial.  It started with 4 guys deciding to run a hard 2 mile and has become a WCRC tradition.  It starts at 6:15 at the track at Henderson.  It's low key, but intense.  People usually go out to Market Street for breakfast afterwards.  It's a good way to end the season if you're healthy. If not, come out and run a few easy laps and cheer your teammates on.  

That's also a perfect lead in to next Sunday's Resolution Run of Stanley's Dream on New Year's Day.

See you in the AM.




As we get to the last workout of the year, I wanted to comment on the success of Tuesday Morning Crew(WCRC).  Top to bottom, this was one of our best year's ever. 

From a track workout perspective, we've never had better more cohesive groups that follow a plan so well.  Group 2 has become a great group with guys running 2:42 and 2:43 for the marathon.  Group 3 which is known as Colleen and Danielle's group really killed it this fall.  They had 5-10 people out there almost every Tuesday.  They had 3 women run 3:10 or better.  The next group(Melissa and Lisa's group) was usually 8-10 people strong and sometimes was as big as a dozen.  They had a great training cycle and had some great performances at NY.  Group 5 and 6 regularly had 4-6 people in their groups.  Then we had the "short" workout group that was often overlooked but threw down some great performances throughout the fall.

Despite my lack of fitness, I really enjoyed jumping in for parts of some of the workouts with group 3 and 4 through the fall.  I'm really proud of how the groups have evolved from a bunch of people just trying to get in shape to a lot of team oriented groups who help each other through workouts and races.  You're always better when you're involved in something bigger than yourself.  You're good for the team and the team is good for you.  

We had some great performances this year, and I know that Manion puts out an "MVP" award, but I think we had 4 performances of the fall that were noteworthy:
1-Maddie Evans-5:12 mile at the Henderson Invite.
2-Danielle Burns-3:04:30(5:00 PR) at Philly
3-JT Barton 2:43 at NY followed by 77:00 at the Philly 1/2 2 weeks later.
4-Dan Zajac-2:42 at NY.

I'm really looking forward to the spring training for Boston, Broad Street and some other races.  GG gave me some great ideas for some other things on last Sunday's Run.  I'll put out some team goals next week.

Remember, Christmas Eve 2 miler at 6:15AM at Henderson and Resolution Run on 12/30 at Levante:  Resolution Run Signup
We have a 20% discount for Blog readers of TMC for the Resolution Run.  The Christmas Eve run you've paid for with your sweat.

Here is this week's workout:
Tuesday-2400 of Tempo-300 jr and then 4 x 300 w/50WR, 50JR at 3200 pace..

Thursday, Friday or Saturday-8-10 miler.

See you on Tuesday.


Training partner vs. Coach


I hope everyone is getting healthy as we approach the holidays and that the Eagle smash the Cowboys today.

I've always thought about what is more important to have a good training group or good coaching.  Obviously, it's ideal to have both.

A good training group/partner gives you someone to bounce ideas off of.  It also gives you someone to count on.  A partner can pick you up when you down and maybe, keep you from overdoing it when you are feeling good.  Sometimes, when you're in a good group, everyone gets a little carried away which can lead to some problems.  A partner will sometimes not look long term and just focus on the immediate runs.  All in all, it's a great thing to have a good training partner/group.  I've been lucky enough to have had pretty good training groups since I got to college.  It's fun doing things with like minded people.

A good coach will look at the big picture and keep you grounded.  They know when to push and when to back down.  For the coach/athlete relationship to be successful, the coach has to be able to be trust the athlete and vice versa.  

I think a good group of intelligent runners is a better situation(if they keep their egos in check) is better than having a good coach.  We have some really good groups going right now.  Let's keep it up.

Here is the training for the week:
Tuesday-1 mile at 10k pace, 400jr and then 8  x 200 w/200 JR.  1st 2 at 5k pace, next 2 at 3200 pace, next 2 at mile pace and last 2 fast.  

Remember, XMAS Eve 2 Mile at Henderson starting at 6:15AM.  

See you on Tuesday,


Brian''s Run Wrapup


Great job today at Brian's Run!  Thanks to all who came out.  Thanks to Lisa for setting up the end of season event at the Social!  

As many of you today was the 40th Annual Brian's Run.  It was great to see 50+ Henderson students out there to support the cause and volunteer their time on drizzly Sunday.  As much as I thought 4 days ago that this might be the last Brian's Run, I think it will live to fight again.  It's a great challenging run.  

As we really wind down our competitive season, it's important that you take a little down time, especially if you have big plans for the fall.  If you're a little banged up, get in to see Jeff and Adam at the Move Clinic.
If you're healthy, but ran a big race this fall, here is what your plan should be:
*Tuesday workout, 1 60:00 run and the rest of the week should be short and relaxed.  Get back doing some core and working on rolling and flexibility.
If you didn't run a big race in the fall, maybe do a little more than that.

We had a great Fall.  Let's get really healthy in the next couple of weeks and be ready to go in January.  We have big things planned for 2019.

Here is the Tuesday workout:
800, 600, 400, 600, 800 w/400JR.  With that rest and that distance of running, you should run pretty quick.

See you on Tuesday.


Brian's Run


This Sunday is the 40th Annual Brian's Run.  It's always been a favorite of mine.  It was the first great race in West Chester and has continued to be an important part of the running calendar.  The beauty of it is it's toughness. Anyone can go down and run the Rothman 8k or Broad Street, but Brian's Run takes some real fortitude.  The toughness scares people off.  Everyone reading this blog should be, "Bring It!!".  

Anyway,  sign up at  This year's race benefits Henderson sophomore Cecily Quackenbush.  Brian will be there.  Let's get a great turnout from this group.

As we kind of wrap up the real training and start to gear up for the Spring, we're going to just workout on Tuesdays until the Holidays.  We'll still be running 5-6 days per week, but the only workout day will be Tuesday.

Here is this week's workout schedule:
Tuesday-8-12 x 400 w/200JR at 5k pace.  
Saturday-35:00 w/striders
Sunday-Brian's Run at 1:00 at Henderson.  Remember, Post-race/end of season party at the Social at 4.  See Lisa's e-mail for more details.

See you on Tuesday.


Post-Marathon Racing


Great job by the Philly Marathoners and 1/2 marathoners.  There were some impressive performances.

As you come out of the marathon or 1/2 marathon(or just some great fall training), it really is time to race.  JT from the TMC ran 2:43 at New York and then came back and ran 77:00 at the Philly 1/2 2 weeks later.  If you're fit, you're fit.  Let's not waste a training cycle on one race.  I never went more than 2 weeks after a marathon without racing.  In 1996, I ran the Wineglass Marathon on a Sunday, ran sub 15 for 5k the following and broke 24:00 for an xc 8k 2 weeks after that. 

The keys are to not over workout or do too many long runs.  You'll feel a little rough, but you're so strong at this point, you just need to muscle through things. It's OK to not feel great in a race.  

Here is how I would set up the racing schedule for the rest of the year:
-Friday-Turkey Burner on the Downtown WC Course at 8:30AM.  I know that some of you will run the Turkey Trot in Downingtown(which is a fine race), but most of the people who are reading this workout at Henderson, not DTW.  So, why not support the home team.  Plus, it's on the Downtown WC course which has a lot of value.  Here is the registration link:
-December 2-Brian's Run-Everyone who is reading this should be running Brian's Run-If you're a Knight or a Tuesday Morning Crew, you've probably already been called out.  This is a great challenging race.  It's also the 40th annual race.  Here is the registration link:  Brian's Run
-12/24-Christmas Eve 2 miler on the track at Henderson.  6AM.  This is a great Holiday Tradition.  Plus, you're home before it's light.
-12/30-Resolution 5k at Levante-Registration opens on the 26th and we have a unique pricing plan.  Here is the registration link:  Resolution 5k

The bottom line is get out and race.

Here is the workout schedule:
Tuesday-4 x 1200 w/200 JR at Tempo, 10k pace, 5k pace and slightly faster than 5k pace.  The drop down will be tough on the last 2.  This is a short workout so we'll go back to having everyone start at 5:50.
Thursday or Friday-Race so no workout on Friday.

See you on Tuesday.


11/12/2018 (Philly Marathon Week)

Unfortunately, our website is currently in transition so we are using our RunSignUp website temporarily. 

Here are the workout schedule:
Tuesday-Philly marathoners 3 x 1600 w/100 jr at Mp plus or minus 5 seconds. 1/2 marathoners. 3 x 1600 w/100 jr at 1/2 pace. All others-3 x 1600 w/200 jr at 5k pace. 

Wednesday-Warrior Classic. 2 miles on the track. If you do this, don’t workout on Tuesday. It’s a fun meet. 

Friday-Race this weekend or 5 x 600 w/400 jr at 3k pace. 

Saturday-long run of 75:00. 

Good luck Philly crew. You guys are ready to roll.