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For all of your timing needs!

Our Timing History:
We started timing local cross country meets back in 1991, and over time, expanded our services to include timing road races, cross country races,  track and field invitational meets and other specialty racing events.

At Chester County Racing Services we are dedicated to providing fast, accurate and efficient timing services for all racing events and distances. With years of experience in the industry, our team of professionals understands the importance of precise timing and results for runners, event organizers, and sponsors. We use advanced timing technology and software to ensure that every participant's time is recorded accurately and efficiently. Our goal is to help make your race event a success by providing reliable timing services that exceed your expectations. Trust us to handle the timing logistics, so you can focus on creating an unforgettable race experience for everyone involved.

Race Timing Interest:
If you have questions about race timing, please email Kevin Kelly at  Include the race name and date in the subject line.  Add any other pertinent information in the body of the email.

At this time, we are only chip timing races and timing track meets.

Timing information:
For road and cross country races, we use the My Laps Bib Tag chip timing system.  The MYLAPS ThinTag is great for running races as well as cycling events. The ThinTag timing chip is ultra-thin, lightweight and applied directly to the back of the bib number at running events. These are disposable, making for efficient distribution and eliminating the need to collect chips after the race. 

This is a very efficient way of timing your race.  Results are produced quickly and load directly to our results page.  We strongly encourage people to use Runsignup as their registration site.  It's very user friendly.

For track meets, we use the Finishlynx system.  This is the state of the art timing system for high school, college and professional track meets.